Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anthropological Findings

All items on, image mosaic made on Polyvore

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my guilty pleasure, Anthropologie. Although owned by the same company that owns the churned-out-hipster-mess that is Urban Outfitters, I like to magically ignore this fact by just never shopping at UO and pretending they're totally different companies. Ignorance is false bliss right? Something like that.

When the new Anthropologie came to my door I couldn't wait to thumb through it, sure that each page would be full of eye candy - I was totally right but I also spotted so many awesome knits! I pulled a few of my favorites - what do you guys think? Worthy of admiration and useful for knit-spiration too, right?


  1. Just found your blog today and totally love it! I'll be visiting again soon!

  2. They do have such pretty things. And I did not know they are owned by the same company that owns UO. I am willing to ignore that fact, too.


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