Friday, October 28, 2011

People Worth Pinning - Helen Terry

I am very quick to follow people back on Pinterest. If you add me I often want to see what kinds of things you like, and usually end up following at least one board (or sometimes all of them). It's neat to see how many different people with different styles can all like the same things. So I thought I might start a little feature here on the blog showcasing interesting individuals. I don't necessarily know all these people personally, but I truly admire the sense of style I get from their pins! I can only hope that people feel the same way when they look at my own mash up of boards. If this is a feature you like, please let me know, and I'll try and make one every week!

This week's person worth following is Helen Terry. She has an excellent assortment of boards inspired by texture and a love of the monochromatic palette. I love the way that she seems to find dozens of natural looking items for home and hearth. Sometimes I wish I could dress this way but I think I would go crazy from lack of color, so it's good to admire from afar!

A quote from Helen about her style:
"I love colour too and I promise that there are some bright(er) colours in my home and wardrobe! But I love the way that the tiniest amount of colour has such an impact against a neutral background. I live in Eastern England and the landscape here is subtle, not dramatic - farmland, woodland, marshes, estuaries and the North Sea.  Muted colours and soft edges.  Plus I've always liked to pick up stones and shells - preferably the kind that have been worn and broken to reveal interesting marks, shapes and textures.  In general I like things that look as though they have a history or remind me - in abstract ways - of the landscape or these objects I pick up." 

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