Monday, October 31, 2011

Totally Ridiculous

Do you ever open a package of fiber (or maybe clothing, etc.) in the mail and have an urge to take totally ridiculous pictures with it? I do. This series is made slightly creepier by the fact that my cropping gets CLOSER as you move forward. Happy Halloween to you and to me! (Fiber is Hello Yarn Buckland, and yes, that is enough to make a whole sweater!)

Friday, October 28, 2011

People Worth Pinning - Helen Terry

I am very quick to follow people back on Pinterest. If you add me I often want to see what kinds of things you like, and usually end up following at least one board (or sometimes all of them). It's neat to see how many different people with different styles can all like the same things. So I thought I might start a little feature here on the blog showcasing interesting individuals. I don't necessarily know all these people personally, but I truly admire the sense of style I get from their pins! I can only hope that people feel the same way when they look at my own mash up of boards. If this is a feature you like, please let me know, and I'll try and make one every week!

This week's person worth following is Helen Terry. She has an excellent assortment of boards inspired by texture and a love of the monochromatic palette. I love the way that she seems to find dozens of natural looking items for home and hearth. Sometimes I wish I could dress this way but I think I would go crazy from lack of color, so it's good to admire from afar!

A quote from Helen about her style:
"I love colour too and I promise that there are some bright(er) colours in my home and wardrobe! But I love the way that the tiniest amount of colour has such an impact against a neutral background. I live in Eastern England and the landscape here is subtle, not dramatic - farmland, woodland, marshes, estuaries and the North Sea.  Muted colours and soft edges.  Plus I've always liked to pick up stones and shells - preferably the kind that have been worn and broken to reveal interesting marks, shapes and textures.  In general I like things that look as though they have a history or remind me - in abstract ways - of the landscape or these objects I pick up." 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Charlotte Taylor S/S Video

I saw this this morning on Seesaw and had to grab a few screenshots of the video - so gorgeous! I am currently loving Charlotte Taylor, but I do feel that for such simple construction (even if the prints are all designed for each collection, it isn't as if they're hand-screened) they're overpriced. If nothing else, they make for lovely eye candy and inspiration.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Pictures Like These...

....that make little girls want to have horses every birthday from 5 to 14. Myself included. After seeing many real-life horses, I know most of them don't look like this, but there is still some sort of little-girl magic in these Pinterest-sourced pictures.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Thanks to a well-timed pin by Lolly, I discovered this gorgeous website - Letterheady - this afternoon, and spent nearly half an hour browsing the fantastic letterheads. There are so many, I could have explored even longer, but I pulled a few of my favorites. Whenever I have the money, I would really like to have a custom letterhead. It just says 'professional' to me. And I do enjoy letterwriting, so it would be nice to bring that back as a business tradition. It is so blah sometimes to send emails!

The last one is by Frank Loyd Wright! It's full stationary. I do so love stationary!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patternity Tights

Wow! I saw these elsewhere first, but after I clicked over to the Patternity site, these are now on the top of my wants list for fall/winter. They're gorgeous. Each pair is beautifully packaged, too. In black and white, they'd go with almost anything and are the perfect present for pattern mixers. At $60 a pair, they're a little bit of a splurge, but they look very high quality.

New Paintings

I finished some painting work today. Neither of these is really framed or anything yet, but you can kind of get a feel from them from these pictures. The first is about 28" x 15" and the second is much larger, like 28"x 42" or 50". Not entirely sure on these sizes, just guesstimating. Both are acrylic on canvas.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Great Knits from Closet Visit

I spoke in my last post about Closet Visit - a blog I'm currently a little obsessed with reading. So you'll have to excuse me (or adore me, either way it works) for picking out a few awesome knits seen there:

Interview: Beatrice Valenzuela

Interview: Sunshine C. Fox

Interview: Lauren Soloff

Interview: Sunny Walker

There were so many fascinating clothing selections, I could do about a million of these in different themes. It'd probably be more productive for you to go see for yourself, though!

No Magic in Fashion

I have been in a little bit of a style rut. I keep making things, and of course, wearing things, but I haven't had the money to buy things, and realized very recently that my clothing has slowly migrated from clothing that I've found magical and inspiring to clothing that is practical and just 'okay.' I really feel that clothing... while it's primarily physical and surface and material, is also an expression of self that reaches down a lot deeper into what you do. If you're a knitter, you might get this feeling when you see tiny, useless buttons on the edge of a mitten, or a purely decorative picot hem, or a very intricate cable. These things speak to us - they say, 'make me, use me, wear me'. All clothing speaks to me in this way, and I have been ignoring it's siren call in favor of saving money.

So how do you do it, save money but still feel enchanted with your clothes? Do you thrift? Do you save for a special piece? Do you make yourself enchanting things out of fabric or yarns, or drape yourself in jewelry, or re-mix what you own? I'm going to be experimenting a lot with my style in the next month or so, as fall changes over to winter and I have more clothing to experiment with. I am giving up on Project 333 - too much limitation, I feel, just doesn't let me be as expressive as I'd like. I've been pinning things on Pinterest - maybe I should make a few of them?

Oh, and this blog - for inspiration - have any of you read 'Closet Visit'? I completely owe this new clothing verve to it's author, Jeana Sohn, who has suddenly reminded me that I love clothes. I love them. I truly, truly do.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspira, Infinite

I have some handspun FO's to show off for once! I have been knitting quite a bit, but most of it isn't finished quite yet or needs to be blocked, or isn't really worth showing. I'm sure you all know the feeling. But I spun a lot during Tour de Fleece and some before, so there was plenty of handspun to play with. Both of these are Hello Yarn handspuns, which is, honestly, all I really spin anymore. It's not that I don't appreciate other dyers, I just have stocked up a bit of HY and I am on a no-buy for awhile, so I've been stash diving. As usual, details about yarn, yardage, and etc. can be found below the pictures and on Ravelry. 
Yarn: Hello Yarn targhee handspun, Malabrigo Arroyo

The first is a cowl, or, more specifically, the Inspira cowl. After seeing Adrian's amazing Shelter and handspun example, I knew I had to make one of these. I have been wanting an over-the-shoulder cowl for awhile to extend some of my thinner t-shirts into fall, and the best part is that it looks just as good simply draped as it does over my shoulders. My sister loves it so much she has decided she wants one for Christmas, which is a huge relief to my pocketbook, because she had previously stated that she preferred to have a year without knitted gifts. 

Yarn: HY shetland handspun 'Bustle'

The second FO is a cowl, of sorts, or rather, an infinity scarf. This is pretty much the simplest thing to knit ever. You knit a scarf that is roughly 4' long, graft or sew the ends together, and then style it however you please to create something loose and draped. It is warm and especially fantastic with a cardigan, a loose sweatshirt, or a fitted sweater. 

I'm hoping I'll get lots of wear out of these two pieces as we head into fall. It was a lot of fun to do this photoshoot because it was also a photoshoot with my sister as a model for a Malabrigo Blog post and pattern by Linda Permann. She designed a cardigan for the company to show at Stitches Midwest 2011's fashion show