Friday, September 9, 2011

Sisicata - Fashion Friday

Sisicata is a Polish jewelry designer who makes things mostly with resin. There are many good things about resin - it's cheap to produce, it preserves things suspended in it, it's clear - and a few not-so-good things about resin, too. It's not biodegradable (at all), and if you wear a piece that is really close to your skin on a hot day you are going to sweat against it like you did wearing jellies in the fourth grade. My mom never let me buy jellies in the fourth grade, so maybe that's why I have this weird love of plastic jewelry (and, occasionally, plastic shoes....)

The juxtaposition of resin in these pieces with natural 'found' objects makes them interesting and balances them out from feeling to much like plastic. I feel like a single, well-loved resin piece would be okay, right? I love the pendant earrings especially much!

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