Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired By.... Donna Wilson, Annie Larson

I am loving funky, colorful, fair isle and stripes for Fall. I will seriously be making sweaters and accessories inspired by two queens of color: Donna Wilson and Annie Larson. Annie's brand, 'All for Everyone', focuses on crazy pattern pairings that equal up to some pretty rad ensembles. I love her use of geometric shapes and more traditional patterns, like knitted lice and bicolor ribbing. I could imagine some little Latvian braids stuck in there, and plenty of pom-poms. I do love me some pom-poms.

Donna's work is a little more calm, but no less awesome. I have been swooning over these mittens since I first saw them on Pinterest - look through her online catalogue for even more knitty awesome. All in all, anything by either designer is going to be time-consuming to make, but won't it be fun to pick out colors and mix them together into a neat pattern? When I do it, I'll be sure to release the charts for you guys to play around with, too!


  1. yeah, i've been dreaming about their work since i saw it on another design blog a couple of weeks ago. colorwork with a little crazy is perfection.


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