Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall, Fast Approaching

Have any of you thought of what your fall wardrobes are going to look towards this year? If you're like me, you already have plenty of use-able clothes, so you can only afford to add a piece here and there, either through knitting it yourself or purchasing frugally. Here are my top 5 things I'll be adding to my wardrobe this fall:

1. A squooshy, simple, pullover. I think I first came to this idea after seeing the picture featured, by the LLYMLRS' blog, on Lolly's Pinterest. I love the idea of spending my fall and winter wrapped up in a cozy pullover, with layered long-sleeve t-shirts and skinny jeans, sitting on my couch or in class. I plan on knitting a couple of my own out of yarn from my stash. I know I have some Malabrigo and some Cascade 220 sitting around!

 2. A pair of brown, flat, riding-style boots. I have a pair of black heeled boots that are suede, and while suede is really great for fall and I love the boots, they just don't carry over into winter very well. Here in the Midwest, it snows a lot, sometimes in a very short time, and it's better to have a boot that has a bit of traction, some water-resistance (when you add the leather protector), and is a neutral, wardrobe-complimenting color. I have had my eye on a couple different styles - which ones do you like best? I'm a size 7 so I have this fear of looking like my feet are long and banana-esque. UO boots, Clarks Indigos, Intyce by Steve Madden

3. New leggings. I wear black leggings like none other, in the fall especially. I wear them with dresses, skirts, long tunic tops, but I get tired of them being so thin the wind goes through them. Last year, I bought a pair that were thick and actually sweater knitted, but they had a tendency to stretch out and had to be washed often (never a good thing for black pants).

This year, I want to buy a pair of Pixie Pants from J.Crew - they're actual, structured, thick pants. They have fastenings, so I never need to feel bad about wearing them in public. They will never be revealing, and they probably won't stretch out very quickly. Plus, they will be way warmer than any other 'legging' I have owned. And they'll go great with my black boots, or more structured booties.

4. A single pair of neutral flats. For the same reason that the boots will be more coverage in winter, I need a pair of flats that will carry me into fall and early winter (before the snow), hold up, and match almost everything. I'd also like them to be comfortable, affordable, and visually interesting. I was lucky enough to find several styles I like, all under $100. Believe it or not, one of the styles that I like best is made by Crocs. Yes, the so-ugly-they're-like-wearing-pjs-in-public brand. I hate Crocs as much as I hate seeing the word 'Pink' stretched across someone's behind. That's a lot of dislike people. A lot. But these are cute, huh? I also loved the other shoes pictured: J. JillCrocs, AnthropologieUO

5. My go-to nail color for fall. This has already been decided - I fell in love with the look of neutral, shiny nails in Funny Girl - she wears a long pair of fakes the entire movie. While I don't love fake nails or super-long ones, personally, I think that it looked so chic and polished. I immediately ran to the drugstore and picked up Essie's Buy Me a Cameo, and I can't wait for it to be my signature color this winter. I only hope to look as polished as Ms. Striesand wearing it!

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