Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wind, Taking Down Willows

 I was going to post awhile back - you remember me saying that I had some posts up my sleeves, right? But suddenly, we were without power, plunged into a technology-free world, and I was making Twitter updates with my cell phone. We were running the fridge with the generator, and I was spending four hours each morning hauling brush to the curb so that we could take it to the city compost pile. 

Yup, we got hit with a pretty big storm. Lots of damage, although luckily not to the house or the cars. Some of our biggest shade trees -- trees that have lived over 100 years, trees that have survived hundreds of midwestern storms, ice, snow, and hail -- came down all over our property on Sunday night while we huddled in the basement laundry room.

So don't worry, I'm still posting, I just didn't have power for awhile!

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