Friday, July 15, 2011

TdF 2011 Update - Two Weeks In

I am officially two weeks into the Tour De Fleece, and I have made 1,366 yards of yarn! I also made you a mosaic to look at:

Shown here are all the yarns I've made so far, on and off the bobbin! These include two skeins of singles of Hello Yarn Targhee in 'Hidden Trail', nearly four skeins (738 yards!) of a 3-ply made from Hello Yarn Polworth in 'Cauldron' and Funky Carolina Falklands in 'Kermit', and two skeins of 2-ply Hello Yarn Falklands in 'Kale'. More to come soon - thus far it has been a very green TdF and I am about to take a turn into blues and browns!

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