Monday, July 18, 2011

Prada Resort 2012 - Babushka Chic?

I can't really make a definite statement about my feelings toward this Resort collection. Typically, I avoid resort collections like the plague because they're unreasonable for my lifestyle. I very rarely take a 'vacation' in the winter and go somewhere warmer. This year, I might be in Uruguay come February, but I doubt I'll buy a whole new wardrobe for it. And frankly, it isn't like the avenues that I shop (online, the mall) are really going to be carrying a lot in the way of fall/spring type clothing in the middle of my country's winter season.

But there is something sweet and earnest about the prints and pastels of this Prada collection, and I want to somehow translate that feeling into my own fall wardrobe. I have been big into the neutral bag all summer, and I would love a pink-beige clutch or satchel to carry into winter. I work from home, so a big huge bag isn't really necessary - and I do have a lovely Namaste bag in dark teal that can carry knitting anywhere in structured perfection.

Aside from the models in this photoshoot being unable to look at the camera very well (seriously, these aren't even the worse ones, some of the shots were downright cross-eyed), I think that the setting of the shoot may be what is 'getting' me here - the pale blue background, neutral chair, and the simple feeling of timeless-ness. It's obvious that they're trying to invoke feelings of Mad Men in these garments - from the slightly dated shapes to the way the outfits are layered, they seem to fit that era, until you get to the goofy headscarves. So what is this look? Babushka - chic?

I've decided that I'll adapt this collection as color, layering and shape - I would definitely wear the blue dress at middle solo on a warm day, or grab the clutch from the daisy dress any day of the week to run to lunch, or throw on the satchel and scarf combo with an oversized sweatshirt and thick tights, boots and bracelets, to run on a quick shopping trip. How would you wear pieces from this collection? And does it speak to you at all?

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