Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Scenes: The Tudors

I've finally finished all of the seasons of The Tudors, which is now available in full on Netflix, if you have it, even on instant play. I started the show with my dad but he quickly grew bored of it after Anne Boleyn died -- I will admit that Natalie Dormer was excellent in the role and I missed her terribly throughout the last three seasons, but I really felt I needed to finish the journey of Henry VIII through this epic re-telling of history. The costumes were fantastic, the scenery beautiful, but I was especially struck by these scenes from the final episode. They take place throughout as Henry muses on his life. Screenshots are done by me, but the original footage is property of Showtime.

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  1. I loved the costumes. Yes, the final scenes were beautiful. I have watched the series twice now.


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