Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Peach of a Look

It's nearing the end of the summer here in Iowa (you can practically hear the fall, waiting around the corner, hoping that August will fly by quickly with the fair and it will be September before you know it), and right now my tastes have kind of turned into a blend of being extremely tired of my summer clothing and hoping to embrace it for a few more weeks all the same.

I was seeing peach makeup everywhere, and especially loved the post about it on A Beautiful Mess. I think that it's a very 'attainable' look for nearly any skin tone, as long as you find your right shade. So, I started looking for my right shade, and found some mineral eyeshadow from Noella Beauty Works in 'Mango Berry'. I prefer mineral eye shadows to any other type because I find that they layer well, are versatile (you can wet your brush to apply in a darker way or more precisely, and usually have strong color. Noella Beauty Works came with high recommendation from a friend, and it's lovely stuff. I couldn't have been happier. As you can see above, I wear it as a blended blush and a eyeshadow, with just a touch of black eyeliner.

So just when I've decided that peachy pink is the way to go, guess what turns up on the Style.com blog? Peachy pink at the Armani show for Fall 2011! It looks like I'm going to be wearing peach makeup well into fall. And what's there not to love about that? (Both the bottom images are from the linked Style.com blog article, and are property of Style.com. The mineral make-up shown is Mango Berry by Noella Beauty Works.)

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