Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Fall Color Trends 101

In case you don't follow the runways and you haven't had a chance to look through this season's trends (I think I browse three or four fashion shows a day to attempt some level of consciousness), I've compiled them for you a bit here! Happily, the trend this fall is all about color and pattern -- two of my favorite things. Texture wise, there were many thick, textured, woven fabrics, often accented by furs. In contrast, clothing in sheer and lightweight fabrics seemed to dominate the rest of the runway, showing up in brilliant pattern or monochrome neutrals.

Color trending is basically re-inventing the wheel -- the color wheel, that is. Each season the basic hues are tweaked to become some fresh, 'new' palette. Compared to last season's grouping of drab grays, blacks, olives and brown, this year felt like a fresh breath of crisp fall air. Rich plum, clear blue, poppy red, dirty chartreuses, jade, mouse gray, cream and buttery browns showed up again and again in various shows. I can't wait to start dreaming up knits and grabbing these colors from my yarn and fabric stashes. I already had a plum blouse planned for Sketch, Sew, Style -- now I really need to get working on it!

Fashion Credits, Row 1: Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Issa, J. Crew;
 Row 2: DVF, Alice + Olivia, Basso & Brooke, Hermes

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  1. I am particularly keen on that orange hue and the emerald green. Lovely tones.


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