Thursday, July 28, 2011

1600 Jelly Roll Quilt Top

I saw this goofy video in a tweet from Chawne, and really wanted to try it. I mean, a quilt top in under 3 hours? Impossibly awesome, right? It would be great to be able to give these away to friends and family as a christmas gift! So I went and got a Moda Jelly Roll (Oliver + S 'City Weekend'), and got to it! You can find instructions to make your own here: 1600 Jelly Roll Quilt. I'm doing my best to work through some of my sewing and knitting stash. I really don't want to have to move it all again, and that means that I have a year to cut it down to a more manageable size.


  1. That is so simple and clever and looks great! I bought a jelly roll ages ago but never thought about what to do with it. I think I have a plan!

  2. wheee! this has the potential to make a weird quilt if you don't plan your fabric progressions a little. yours looks great!

  3. Oh! Maybe it's time to pull out the sewing machine that has been in hibernation.


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