Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TNNA Fall 2011

I wish that I had dozens of fantastic pictures to show you from TNNA. In truth, I didn't get to take really any pictures at all. There was a single photo of me, heavily imbibed and making out with the Alisha Goes Around booth decor (a giant knitted polar bear), but it seems to have been accidentally removed from my camera. In the material they passed out at TNNA it said that we weren't allowed to take photographs, too -- a statement that was corrected quickly by attendees. You're allowed to take pictures of your own booth, and anything else you have to have permission to take pictures of. I wish I'd known this, I would have documented my first TNNA a lot better. Oh well. There's always January in Arizona, I suppose!

When I originally decided to make the trip from Iowa to Columbus, the company and I had a sort of 'plan' for my attendance. They would do what they usually do at the booth: taking orders, rubbing elbows with yarn stores, greeting visitors. I would take over the job of discussing future collaborations with designers, which meant that the many designers who visit our booth could speak to someone immediately instead of waiting around for opportune moments. Unfortunately, Murphy's Law says that if you're trying to get a flight out of Uruguay to attend TNNA and introduce your newbie to the ins and outs of the industry, you're going to get stuck in South America due to Andean volcanic explosions. I don't think I ever saw this one on the Murphy's Law calendar my doctor had up in his office, but it could have been November or something, I guess.

So I was at TNNA alone, with our wonderful reps and a good friend of the company, Allison. And it went fine, for the most part -- we had the booth set up on time, and got to meet so many very lovely people, and I got to discuss many, many interesting ideas with designers, and publishers, and companies. I didn't get to wander around as much as I'd liked, but I did get to meet some internet friends in real life, which was delightful. And I made sure to reward myself with plenty of yarn and goodies, since I did such a good job of running the booth solo.