Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 333

Have any of you started or heard of Project 333? I just heard about it today and I think it would be a really fun challenge for me, and could coincide nicely with Wardrobe Remix. Basically, the idea is that you pick 33 pieces (accessories and shoes included) for each Phase. There are 3 phases in the year -- for me in Iowa, this means that I would have clothes for fall, clothes for winter, and clothes for spring/summer. We have a very short warm season so I don't really need more than one phase for those months.

One of the most exciting parts about this for me is the aspect of 'new'. If there's anything I truly love about going shopping, it's the delight that I get from opening a bag and trying on something I've just found that I truly love. Project 333 would allow me to do this -- because you box up all your clothes for each phase and hide them out of sight! I could even package them in a cute way so that it feels like I'm opening presents every year to myself. And I could add a single piece to each wardrobe every year -- one piece per phase. I know this wouldn't limit me to 33 pieces, but it would certainly cull my spending habits and make me consider what I really need more.

Of course, things like underwear, hosiery, workout and lounge clothes are not to be included in your 33. Only clothes that you wear in public. Is anyone doing this already? What has been your success? Do you think you could do Project 333?


  1. Part of me really wants to do this...and the other part of me realizes that I just wear jeans, a t-shirt, and hoodies year round. Heh. I need to find more motivation to get out of the house so that I actually have to put some effort in :-P

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