Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simply Adore: Iris Apfel

One of my absolute favorite fashion icons is Iris Apfel. I adore her -- her attitude, her style, everything she wears. I feel like she doesn't encourage you to dress like her, she encourages you to dress like yourself. Often, I find that my interior design choices are much more daring than my clothing choices. I'd like to be more daring in my clothing, too. After reading this excellent interview with Iris as part of the Master of Fashion series, I feel really inspired to start thinking about what defines 'me' as I go through the steps of Project 333. Iris has a huge closet, but I'd like to get my look down with fewer pieces!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project 333 Update

I packed away all of my winter things! I decided to pack them up in a really cute way by wrapping all the sweaters in tissue paper and tying them with baker's twine. In addition, I stacked some of the shirts and tops together and tied them with ribbons, too. This way, when I go back to unwrap them at the end of summer, I'll feel like I'm opening something special. I decided not to go through them and weed out things I dislike yet -- I am going to go ahead and do that with my summer wardrobe, and then I can buy new pieces next summer to fill out my 33. I have a lot of shoes, too, that might need replacing. Many of them are uncomfortable or actually falling apart.

As you can see, Thusa helped.

Wishes: Anthology Magazine

If the subscription wasn't $38 for a year, I would totally go in on this (it's only four issues at $9.50 each, which is hardly enough to justify a magazine as thin as this one -- less than 50 pages!) Good thing that you can view them online, and since they are through massive retailer Anthropologie, there's a pretty good chance it won't disappear soon without support.

I loved looking through the pdf files and looking at all these gorgeous inspirational photos! I don't have an interior space to call or decorate as my own yet, but when I do I am sure that I'll be referencing Anthology magazine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feel It, Felt It!

I really want to make any of these felt crafts. They mostly require wool felt, which makes them a bit more expensive, but isn't it worth it to have something lovely like this in your home?

Urchin Bowls from a pattern by Herbst on Etsy (yes, a real handmade crafter), which I would love to make for my sewing table or even my jewelry drawer!

A tutorial by Martha Stewart on how to make this gorgeous scrappy felt rug. This would take awhile, but many companies that sell felt will sell or give you their scraps!

This twisted felt garland from The Purl Bee would be perfect to hang in a window or across an awning or fireplace!

Time to go hunting for some felt!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 333

Have any of you started or heard of Project 333? I just heard about it today and I think it would be a really fun challenge for me, and could coincide nicely with Wardrobe Remix. Basically, the idea is that you pick 33 pieces (accessories and shoes included) for each Phase. There are 3 phases in the year -- for me in Iowa, this means that I would have clothes for fall, clothes for winter, and clothes for spring/summer. We have a very short warm season so I don't really need more than one phase for those months.

One of the most exciting parts about this for me is the aspect of 'new'. If there's anything I truly love about going shopping, it's the delight that I get from opening a bag and trying on something I've just found that I truly love. Project 333 would allow me to do this -- because you box up all your clothes for each phase and hide them out of sight! I could even package them in a cute way so that it feels like I'm opening presents every year to myself. And I could add a single piece to each wardrobe every year -- one piece per phase. I know this wouldn't limit me to 33 pieces, but it would certainly cull my spending habits and make me consider what I really need more.

Of course, things like underwear, hosiery, workout and lounge clothes are not to be included in your 33. Only clothes that you wear in public. Is anyone doing this already? What has been your success? Do you think you could do Project 333?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project Spectrum 5.7.11

I adore the red section of the Malabrigo Lace color card

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Neutral, or Intense?

I am trying to decide on the palette for Book Four's styling, and I've hit a bit of a wall. I was sort of hoping that some of you out there in blog-land would be willing to offer up your opinions. Currently, all the designer colors are chosen and perfect. In order to show you the theme without giving it away, I didn't pull color card images but instead captured the 'ideal' color card the designers were given to work off of. As you can see, it's a fairly dark and moody palette, and I want to balance it out in the book one of two ways. Either by making all of the garments stand out by putting them against a background that is neutral, or by intensifying them and making each page of the book an explosion of color. I've put together a little grouping to help you all visualize this with me.

Here are images that I feel summarize the 'neutral' feel -- imagine them with pops of the colors in the palette. All of the colors would be paired with ensembles that would be cream, beige, brown, gray, with plenty of texture. The lighting would be bright and detailed.

In contrast, here are images I feel summarize the feel of intensity and moodiness. I feel like this is more the direction I would like the book to go, but I don't want to alienate the reason for a knitting book's pictures -- illustration of the final product -- from the images themselves.

Which images do you think would highlight the patterns better, and which do you feel would make you want to buy a book? More importantly, how do the pictures weigh with your potential purchase of said book?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Spectrum Launch and Giveaway Winner!

Today is the first day of Project Spectrum, and the beginning color this year is red! I am excited because for the first time I won't just be looking, I'll actually be playing along. Anyone can join Project Spectrum -- you can read about it on the facebook page, it isn't just for people who knit. I decided to celebrate Project Spectrum's launch with the mediocre collection of red things from my room, and by announcing the winner of last month's Malabrigo Book Three Giveaway!

I used a random number generator and if you had tweeted, you got two entries. The winner was number 14, Kate (k2togkate on Ravelry)! Congratulations! Please send me your address by either email or Ravelry mail so that I can send you your Rasta and the Book!