Saturday, April 16, 2011

Space Perfecting Movements

I am working on getting my bedroom exactly the way I want it. Not an easy feat, since the rules are pretty strict: no painting, minimal wall hangings, minimal space, and I have to allow other people access to the art room/studio without having to wander around in an odd way.

I began moving the furniture around yesterday and moved a bunch of my stuff up from the basement, and now have a little sitting nook that is pretty ideally perfect. The weather outside is still cool, but once it warms up and the trees' leaves get larger, the room has a really lovely green glow to it. I liked the idea of using warm neutrals as a base to put color on, and both the curtains and the chairs have a pop of green or yellow to them.

Notes on the furniture: the 'yarn shelf' is just a really simple cubby setup from Target, as is the bookcase. The wheel is, of course, my Kromski Mazurka. The green velvet chair is vintage '50's furniture from my mom's collection (passed down from my grandmother's awesome mod home), and the wicker chair is a Pier 1 purchase, circa 2003-ish. I made the pillow that sits in it using some upholstery fabric from a local store.

Here's a close up of the stash and book nook. The little beige blob in the upper picture is my sister's cat, Leopold.

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