Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fresh Start

It has been a really interesting six months for me. I moved from Iowa to Kentucky to Tennessee. I worked three different jobs while simultaneously trying to make friends and get to know a new place, plan a new upcoming book for Malabrigo Yarns, and somehow figure out who I was in the middle of all of it.

It didn't work out so well, and I had to make the retreat back to what was familiar, and comfortable, and easier. I've had to make some difficult decisions -- I will be going back to school this fall to try and finish out a bachelor's degree. I am not living on my own, but in my old bedroom in my parent's house. And yet, I don't feel defeated. I feel fresh. Because a new start, a clean slate, is what I needed. I just needed something fresh.

I haven't been able to start a knitting project larger than a cowl in about six months. At least, not start and finish. I have done a lot of starting and ripping out, and restarting. But today, I am going to start a new project that will come in use this next winter, and won't need to be done until then. Snowbird, by Heidi Kirrmaier, is a pattern I've been wanting to make for a long time. I even handspun yarn for it (Hello Yarn Targhee in 'Parritch', shown above). So this is my fresh start project, and my fresh start post (the blog has a new look too, you'll notice).

I hope you're willing to stick with me as I start over. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive.

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