Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Move, Handspun, Etc.

I have been moving. All. Over. The Frikken. Country.

First, I moved from Iowa to Erie, PA, for a week to visit a friend in LECOM. Erie was nice but it wasn't my final destination, so after about a week I traveled down, Thusa whining all the way, to Lexington, Kentucky. I was supposed to have a house there but it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped for my lifestyle, so I stayed with a friend of my mom's for a few days and got to do some in-person bonding with Mary Catherine, who has been a close confidante for a long time online.

After about a week in Lexington, I drove about three hours south to Knoxville, Tennessee, where I'm now living with my aunt. It's a great temporary arrangement -- I have my own bedroom and work space and she and I watch television and make dinner together whenever we can. I have gotten a job at White House, Black Market -- a boutique-style chain store that sells clothing in only black and white, with the occasional pop of color. It's going well. I've never sold clothing before, despite being a fashion major, and I've found that I really enjoy it if I get to spend some time with the customer and devise what she likes and needs. The most frustrating part is when people come in just to browse and get angry when the sales girl talks to them -- it's my job, I am required to speak to you!

I haven't done too much knitting to speak highly of. Working on a few patterns and presents here and there that will be shown before too long. I have been doing a lot of spinning, but my photography set up here isn't exactly -- well, it isn't set up yet! I am hopeful to be back to crafting full force today and tomorrow, since I don't work in the mornings on Monday or Tuesday, and I have Wednesday off.