Friday, September 3, 2010

Finished Featherweight

I have finally finished my Featherweight Cardigan! This pattern by Hannah Fettig (we really need to get to know each other, because I get asked if I am her all the time) is fairly simple, but certainly requires a time commitment, especially if you're knitting it in laceweight yarn like I was. I made a few modifications that, if I could have ripped out, I would have -- I changed the 1x1 ribbed edging to a 2 x 2 ribbed edging, which was supposed to solve the bunching problem that a few of the cardigans have (the ribbing pulls up the edge) but instead only resulted in my bind-off not being stretchy enough and bunching a bit anyway. I tried to fix this during blocking, and it did an okay job.

My only other modification was that I made the cardigan longer to accommodate my torso length. I really do like it quite a bit -- I wore it all day yesterday and got a lot of those "You made it? But it looks store-bought!" style compliments.


  1. That looks amazing. You are so impressive. the hat in the newer post is really nice i cannot believe you designed that. how would someone get the pattern?

  2. You can get the pattern for Noeud Papillion by downloading it on Ravelry or using the 'buy now' link below the pictures -- it is $3.50. Thank you for the sweet comment!


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