Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy Love - Darling Clementine

I can't get over my obsession with Darling Clementine. I have especially fallen in love with some of the collaborations this company has done with 1973, known as the 'Claudette Series' (shown in the Etsy shop). These notebooks are just perfect -- I would stack them up and journal in them, even, and that's a commitment coming from someone who doesn't journal. I especially love the Badger and Kangaroo ones!

The graphic nature of their graphic design mixes my slight love of whimsy with my greater love of classic shapes and colors. There's something really wonderfully 'Mad Men' about the Christmas cards especially, isn't there? And I hope they offer the wrapping paper again too -- I know just what I want to wrap my presents in this year!

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