Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sajou Love

Oh, how I have fallen in love with all things Sajou. Sajou is a sewing notions and supply company based in France. In truth, anything with European history, especially textile history, I adore endlessly. After seeing the recent addition of their line of thread to the Purl Bee (the ladies of whom are responsible for these lovely photographs, please click the link to see more!)

I have a particular weakness for animal-shaped scissors, apparently -- I recently was given a pair of golden crane embroidery scissors from a dear friend, and I adore them. I even someday hope to get a tattoo of them. But when I saw these little rabbit-shaped scissors, my heart stopped. Too bad they are so difficult to come by - I only have seen them on The Purl Bee, and not even the Sajou site seems to sell them. edit: BagSmith, a distributor of Sajou, contacted me, and their website carries these scissors! They are labeled 'Hare Scissors'!

They make the most lovely embroidery threads, too, all lined up on little cards in a box. I have, however, quite an extensive collection of embroidery threads already, and see no need to upgrade. Sometimes, I suppose, it's okay just to love something because it's pretty.


  1. Dear Hannah,

    Thanks for your endorsement of Sajou. We are the North American distributors of Sajou and love to hear about customers who are enthusiasts of these wonderful products. Please write to us at and we will send you a complimentary vintage needle booklet.

  2. I was just drooling over the Sajou products at Purl Bee over the weekend as well! I was trying to come up with excuses to ask for that big box full of embroidery thread for Christmas, but alas... I don't embroider or do needlepoint. I need to learn, stat!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these finds! I am very fond of rabbits, and rabbit imagery (it is actually my chinese zodiac sign) and love the animal shaped embroidery scissors as well. -Clarissa (cpardonme on ravelry)

  4. I always loved those swan scissors and am thrilled that you have found these lovely and adorable rabbit scissors, as I love rabbits and rabbit imagery. Your blog is a joy to read! - Clarissa (cpardonme on ravelry)

  5. Ooo I love knitting!
    I remember my first project was a scarf and it sort of ended up
    looking like a scarf that's had one too many tequilas.
    Great blog!


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