Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Potential

I've been reading the book Stuff, by Randy O. Frost. It seems that, like the media, I've also become a little morbidly fascinated by hoarding and hoarders - what makes them, what breaks them down, why they do what they do. The idea of living in a mess caused by your own devices -- an inability to say no to what you want and don't need, or connecting to things more than people -- both baffles and intrigues me. Sometimes, I worry that as a knitter I may someday accumulate more things than I can possibly contain in a single space, and it will suddenly spill out into the rest of my life and the world will look at my stashes of fabric, yarn, and fiber, and say: "How could she possibly have thought she would use all these things?"

The truth is, that I've found something strangely resonate within the words of the hoarders on the pages of this book -- while I don't seem to match the tendencies that are more dangerous within them, I do match the tendency to look at a raw material and wonder at the potential of it. I say to myself quite often, imagine what I could make with that. Of course, my obsession, if you could call it that, doesn't extend to the mundane and destroyed. I don't collect metal buckets with holes in them, or single pieces of mini-blinds, or table legs..... I collect things that I see as infinitely useful, but only within the realms of their restrictions. I can make cloth things with fabrics. I can make cloth things with yarns. I can make yarns with fibers. And I find enjoyment out of all of them.

I have been doing a little bit of comfort stashing, as of late, being that I am getting ready to move (out to Lexington, Kentucky). One of my favorite accumulations recently was a 4 ounce 'bump' of the Hello Yarn Club's Fiber, "Seasick". The fiber is Corriedale, a very strong but soft wool that will be wonderful for nearly anything I should choose to make with it.

I also recently connected with a very sweet woman on Ravelry, who is expecting a baby! She's getting ready to take her first quilting class but I offered to make something for her, quilt-wise, using the Heather Ross Far Far Away II set in her favorite colors. She sent me the fabric in the mail and I really adore the ones she chose. Such sweet, perfect fabrics for a family start.

They go suspiciously well with the Seasick, don't you think?

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