Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Fashion - Malu Leggings

I love these printed leggings by Malu! This one-woman company is constantly churning out a great product, and I only hope to own a pair someday. I am especially fond of the leggings with birds on them, but, of course, I am a total leggings and stockings and hosiery addict, so there's no surprise that I would love things from this shop.

In addition to being handmade, these leggings also come in extra-long lengths, some of them dipping well past your ankle and worn on the arch of your foot with super-cute ties. I love this style since it actually allows you to wear thick leggings in the winter with your ballet flats without having to rock the sock-and-flats look that I wear so very, very often. Too often, maybe.


  1. these are SO adorable. I love the poney ones!

  2. Those leggins are really original!
    Thanks a lot for your comment, it made my night (Spain time):)


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