Friday, July 2, 2010

The Perfect Project

During my stay in Uruguay, I've been totally exhausting my desire to knit. On the way here, I knitted on the plane. Since I've been here, I've worked on a vast variety of knitting projects -- some secret, some not-so-secret, some simply to test out a yarn for the company and see if it knits up well. Not many of these projects have been incredibly simple, mindless knitting -- and some of them you'll get to see in a few days.

But after spending a full month here, in the 'depths of winter', which really, for someone who lives in Iowa, are rather shallow and mild (being around 40 or 50 degrees most of the time), I've begun to wish that perhaps I'd brought some warmer, comfier sweaters and cardigans for lounging around in. Because I do a lot of computer work, and luckily, a good portion of that allows me to lounge. Sometimes in pajamas, as soon as 7 pm.

Thus, the need for a simple, bottom-up-in-the-round sweater, on circular needles, thick aran yarn (for warmth, of course!) and a gorgeous color. At the factory, we recently had a mistake order come in of Malabrigo Twist. Twist is comprised of eight different weight singles, all regular wool. The spinning mill mixed up one of the singles and replaced it with a superwash single. For anyone who dyes wool, you know that superwash wool takes dye very differently than standard merino. When we dyed up the batches of Twist in regular Twist colorways, they suddenly appeared to have stripes, and were rendered unsellable.

When I arrived, we had a huge box of these, all labeled 'Lana Contaminado', or, 'Contaminated Wool'. There's nothing really wrong with it -- it will just be harder to knit up into an evenly-toned garment. And that doesn't really bother me so much, since, after all, it's going to be a lounge sweater anyway. So I dug through and found 6 skeins of Teal Feather. I'm planning on something simple on size 8 needles.


  1. Hello, I'm a knitters of Brazil, like the address or web site Malabrigo in montevideo. can you help me?

  2. I can help give those a good home and good use! ;)
    Hope you're better from the cold!


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