Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something to Pass the Time

I love knitting. You all know that I love knitting, and wool, and talking about knitting and wool -- but there are so many other things I love too, and being here in Uruguay has deprived me of a few of my favorites. I haven't been able to work on that gorgeous quilt I started before I came, for instance -- I can't spin for Tour de Fleece, either, and I can't watch movies or tv shows on Netflix Instant like I normally would at home while I work. While the trip has taught me how to focus on a single task, a skill that I lost a long time ago (I'm big on multi-tasking), occasionally the abundance of even your favorite things can wear you down.

So last weekend, I made the trek to Mosca, one of the chain stores here that sells books, toys, and art supplies, and picked up a set of gouache paints, some surprisingly inexpensive Arches watercolor paper, and a few primary colors in Rembrandt watercolors. Add a few brushes and a palette, a pretty day, and I felt inspired to try my hand at painting in an unfamiliar media all weekend. This weekend I hope to do more actual painting and less experimenting.

I'm saving the painting only for the weekends so that I don't get tired of it, but also so I can convince myself to take the weekends off. I've developed a rather disturbing habit of working every day, all day, from waking to sleeping, and it's not healthy not to take some time off once in awhile, no matter how good your 'work ethic' is.

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