Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheep Week - Ponies and Pastures

Right before I left Lost Manantiales, the sheep farm, I got to see the largest herd of breeding ewes in Uruguay - 3,200 of the 6,200 sheep on this farm are breeding ewes!

I had originally thought it was a close pasture where these ewes were housed, and suggested that we ride out there. After a few minutes on a horse, though, it was pretty evident that a) the horse didn't want to do anything I wanted to do, and b) if they let me ride the horse out to the pasture, it would take a million years and I would probably be pretty sore.

So instead, they let me ride around in a few circles and then we took the car. Gotta love modern technology, huh?


  1. I look forward to seeing photos of the ewes - maybe with some lambs!? I've never been horseback riding, but it would be fun to see the countryside that way.
    -Stephanie (sjn821)

  2. The photo in this post has a picture of both! You're in luck!


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