Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sheep Week - Commenter Questions

I think I have gotten more comments in the last 24 hours than I have on any other posts ever in my year of writing this blog! Me thinks some of you are out to get prizes ;)

But it was fun reading all of your questions and I figure I could answer a few here quick before tomorrow's Sheep Week post!

What kinds of plants grow between the rocks that the sheep eat?
A: The sheep eat mostly grasses and weed plants, the Uruguayan equivalents of things like clover and buttercups.

How cold is it currently there?
A: The weather here right now is in the middle of winter, so it can range between 30 F and 55 F, sometimes it's been as warm as 60 F.

Are fleeces from rams and ewes used equally in yarn production?
A: Yes, at least, that's my impression. But there are far more ewes than rams.

Are the tips of the fleeces naturally colored darker? Or are the sheep just dirty?
A: The sheep are just dirty. They live in large herds their whole lives and here in Uruguay the weather is not cold enough for them to need a barn, so they sleep outside. They don't really roll around much, but they live very packed in together and I am sure they get each other dirty. All the baby lambs are white as snow.


  1. Aw, the babies are still "show room new," LOL! Somehow I feel better about the process knowing that the sheep get dirty. If they were too clean, I'd worry that they didn't get out much. ~ Trish / QAGeek @ Ravelry

  2. Thanks for the additional insight. I think those 1st 3 questions were mine. I'm an engineer and work in clinical research, so it's my nature to be inquisitive. ;-)
    -Stephanie (sjn821 on Ravelry)


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