Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding a Photoshoot

I've been 'elected' the Malabrigo Book 3 creative designer, which means, more or less, that for the pattern book in progress -- Book 3 -- I get to help make lots of decisions based on look, photographer, model, and location. On Tuesday, I went with my boss, Antonio (he is the head dye and color/yarn creator for Malabrigo) to see the location we've decided on for the book's photoshoot.

The Musee Romantico is a really gorgeous example of Montevideo's rich and diverse history. The building is in the 'Old City', the oldest part of Montevideo that used to be more like a township than the sprawling urban center the country's capital is now. The Musee Romantico belonged to someone very important, and started out life as a house. I imagine that the family who lived there were probably very wealthy, and very spanish - there is a special level of the house just for looking out at the river port. Perhaps they were merchants, or they were waiting for family members to arrive or return from trips to Spain.

The Musee has a lot of furniture, paintings, and some housewares - few linens but a good selection of curtains and glassware. Many of the rooms were very dark, and we were not allowed to take flash photos, so my favorite parts of the house were the balcony and interior courtyard areas. The architecture isn't flashy, just elegant, and I think it will make a perfect location for the photoshoot -- Antonio, luckily, agreed.


  1. That all sounds SO wonderful -- what an exciting summer you're having!! You'll have lots of good stories to tell at Yarn School!

  2. The courtyard looks beautiful!


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