Sunday, June 27, 2010

Inspiring Things - Brigitte Sire and Color Collective

I feel like recently, I've fallen into a deep, deep well of inspiration and thoughtfulness and general creativity. I'm generating ideas at the speed of light, faster than my hands or fingers or pencils or pens can draw them out, write them down. A lot of it has to do with the sudden abundance of inspiring sources I've recently discovered -- many of them interconnected (one link led to another, and another). I have so many inspiring people in my life right now, too -- artists and philosophers and writers and fellow bloggers. So I thought I'd share a few here and there, in hopes that they might inspire you, too.

The photography of Brigitte Sire has a really lovely feel to it, like a very sunny sunny day in almost any season. I adore how so much of her work makes me imagine it's a brilliant autumn day, and I'm looking in on something small that is happening at an un-designated place in the world. If I could get this sort of vintage, sweetened feeling out of my own photography, it would be wonderful. I'm miserable at portraiture.

For color, I recently discovered the blog Color Collective. Nearly every day, the author, Lauren Willhite, picks a photograph that inspires her and identifies five colors from the palette to inspire her readers. I seriously think that this blog was a stroke of simple brilliance on her part -- identifying what makes a photograph colorfully intriguing, and isolating that so that it can be re-used in endless ways. I plan on using many of these color collections in my own knitting, interior decorating, painting and journaling.

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