Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anna Sui Fall 2010

I have totally fallen in mad, mad love with the Anna Sui Fall 2010 collection. While a lot of folks would probably look at this on the runway and think about how in the world they'd wear the mish-mosh of prints and colors in real life, I see what Anna was trying to communicate. In the words of, the collection was "a passport to the Arts & Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century, bleeding into Art Nouveau.... while the mood of the clothes was vintage bordering on antique, the overall impression was curiously un-retro."

I have long been a fan of Sui's work, but I think this collection rocketed her to my top 5 favorite designers. Of course, you all are well aware of my love affair with color and pattern. It's only natural that I'd adore the extreme of both in a hearty runway dose.

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