Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Flying Trapeze

Whenever I think of flying, a little song goes through my head. I'm not sure exactly why I remember it, but it's one that I think a few of you probably know, and it's not about airplane flying at all. It's the one about the trapeze artist: She flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young girl on the flying trapeze....

I dont know the rest of it really, just the first line or so, and that's okay. It's the song that I have thought about most right before this trip begins, the great trip that will take me halfway across the world (though lengthwise) and transport me into a different culture, experience -- a different chance, something new.

I fully intend to keep you all with me on that journey. I'm supposed to have internet access, and a bit of time to myself, and I will have a camera and notebook and, of course, my always-thinking, never-pausing thoughts. I'll be knitting and traveling and loving every minute of it. But it is my first time in another country, my first time truly on my own, and I am grateful to have people following along with me during it. People who helped me set it up and set it in motion in the first place. I owe you, knitting world, this internship. I owe you the love of my present passion. It is in the community of this lovely, crafty, internet fellowship that I managed to find my true self, and gain the courage to pursue it. I might be the daring young girl, but you are my trapeze.

I thank you all.

I also wanted to thank everyone who entered the giveaway! The winner this time was someone local - Danielle, or soimpossible, on Ravelry! It was such a surprise to draw your name, and will be fun to deliver your winnings to you in person. I didn't want this entry to go without a picture, so I decided to show off a bit of my recent spinning - Hello Yarn's Parritch Targhee, which will become a sweater!

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  1. Bon voyage! You'll have a wonderful time; I'm looking forward to your updates. :o)


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