Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plane Knitting

I am, obviously, getting very excited about my upcoming trip to Uruguay. In addition to having my first truly long flight (9+ hours, in some places 12, if you can believe it), this will be my first flight out of the country, my first in-flight meal and movie, and my first time flying over an ocean. After carefully looking over the American Airlines requirements and the TSA's requirements for in-and-out of the country carry on baggage, I determined that I could take knitting needles on the plane if they have knitting on them, the circulars aren't over 31", and they don't look threatening.

I figure that makes my Hiya-Hiya circulars pretty safe, since they unscrew and I can just have the knitting on the cords, and leave the little tips in my bag until the plane has taken off. Which means that I can take some good plane knitting!

So, what am I planning on taking to Uruguay? As a few of you know, I am participating in 10 in 2010 -- a year-long knitting group where you set goals for projects you'd like to complete during the year, using either yarn or pattern from your stash. So obviously, these projects had to be chosen off that list. I decided to focus on two lace projects -- The Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau (Ravelry link here) and an Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague, I have been working on out of handspun yarn. I have a lot of trouble with lace knitting in general - it requires a lot of concentration for me - so I figure an airplane, with nothing else to concentrate on, is the perfect atmosphere for me to get some lace knitting underway!

I'll be knitting the Honeybee out of this gorgeous Noro Kureyon Sock that I purchased awhile back at my LYS, Knitted Together. It has lovely variations from lime green to hot pink, with plenty of semi-neutrals and turquoise browns and subtle loveliness in the middle. I haven't knit with Noro in a very long time, but it was the first yarn I ever received as a gift, so Kureyon in particular holds a very special place in my heart.

The Ishbel will be knit with some Pigeonroof Studios handspun you've seen before. The colorway is called Morocco and it is utterly gorgeous - deep, rich browns, dark purples, and vibrant, ruddy oranges. I adore it and I think this Ishbel is going to be one of my favorite wardrobe items ever, should I somehow manage to get past the first lace repeat, which has been my sticking point with any variation of this lace shawl I've attempted in the past.

Wish me luck -- I'm going to need it! I leave on the 28th of May and I have quite a few layovers, making my trip an overnight one.


  1. Bon voyage! I'm sooooo jealous! (Of everything but the Noro, LOL)

  2. Your Ishbel will be gorgeous. I really should start knitting on mine again, but since it has been zzz-ing since last summer, I have no idea which lace row I am on. Oy Vey.

  3. That yarn for Ishbel is wonderful! Good luck & have fun on your trip!


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