Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Green Quilt

Well, despite having an increasingly short window in which to get all my other projects complete, my love affair with quilting continued far enough for me to plan and cut out pieces for a new quilt. I received Jane Brocket's most recent book -- The Domestic Art of Quilt Making -- in the mail a few weeks ago, and couldn't put it down. In the same way that Elizabeth Zimmerman has a steady, lovely way with words, Jane Brocket brings new life to quilting for a generation of those who perhaps, while not as interested in making the exquisitely detailed and minutely-patient quilts of our grandmothers, still have ideas about making lovely, functional blankets for home and family. This is always the way I have felt about quilting -- about any sort of crafting, really. It should be lovely. It should be useful, and functional, but it should always bring joy into your life, and the lives of anyone else who has a chance to touch, view, or use it.

I started the Happy Green Quilt as a combination of two quilts in the book - the "Beach Hut" quilt, which is a four-bar to a block pattern, and the "Green Grass of Home" quilt, which mimics the green criss-cross checkerboard pattern of a freshly cut lawn. For my quilt, I selected a huge variety of greens, from yellow-green to blue-green, and I hope that the quilt turns out quite lovely. It was fun enough just to cut out the rectangles, really.

If you have been thinking of foraying into the world of quilting, you really must check out this book! Unfortunately for me, my quilt will be on delay until I return from Uruguay. I have decided that after this year, I will be starting a seasonal crafting pattern. Knitting will be confined strictly to winter and fall, and quilting and sewing to the springtime. They just seem to fit better that way.

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