Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sew Lovely

I finally finished the quilt! It has been a bit quiet on the blog lately because my life has been so nuts! I'm hoping to do some catching up here in the next few days - expect posting!

I pieced the top and attached the binding with a machine, but hand-quilted the top, batting, and backing layers together. I made the bias tape, too - it took awhile, and was sort of frustrating, but all in all I'm really proud of it.

Plus, it looks so sunny on the bed!


  1. I commented on flickr, too, but this is so pretty that it deserves more than one comment. Job well done!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Love the bright colors!!

  3. this is GORGEOUS!! i so wish i knew how to quilt. i might have to try someday after seeing this, though!!


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