Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Bright Spring

Iowa might be fooling me, but I really do believe spring is in the air. After an absence of birds for quite awhile, I re-filled the feeder and put out some new suet cakes and we seem to have an abundance of twittering neighbors. My long-time favorites will always be the handsome cardinals, but I have enjoyed the company of the young, barely-crested woodpecker who makes quick work of the suet.

The weather has been remarkably sunny for this time of year (we are familiar with snow through April, so it is a welcome change), and today I managed to get out of doors with the dog and go for a walk. It was exhilarating to hear the crackle of melting snow and icicles, the steady trickling of water headed downhill to the creek. While there are no daffodils poking up through the snow, it still felt like we'd turned a corner in the long, steady, winter pace.

I brought a little spring indoors today, to complete the imagery - they had chrysanthemums, the large, fancy kind, on sale at the grocery store. I picked up a small bouquet and have been taking them all around the house with me, here and there, and even the cats have been admiring (and thankfully not eating!) the lilac and green blooms. I wish I could capture that exact color with fabric, but I had to settle for something a little more vibrant - my first quilt project. The rest of the day, I'll be piecing it together - it shouldn't take long, after all, since they're just 6" x 6" squares. I used fabrics by Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler, along with a small collection I'd waylaid from Joann's Fabrics. After they're finished, I want to back the quilt with a light blue plain cotton. Wish me luck! For all the sewing I've done, this is my very first quilt project.


  1. That's definitely spring in a quilt, right there!

  2. I'm seeing green things poking out of the ground here on Long Island, so I think you are right about spring being in the air! I am sooo ready for it.
    I love the colors of your fabric, and the mums are gorgeous!


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