Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go-Green Tuesday - Foundation Cosmetics

Before I start this go-green post, I wanted to thank anyone who's been hanging in there and waiting for me to post again. I know it is so frustrating to go to a blog a couple times a week and see the same post you've already read languishing. I do have a good explination, though - I got a job! I am now working part-time as a barista for a new coffeehouse here in town. I'm still trying to balance everything - there are new fibers up, actually, in the shop , but the blog has suffered a bit, and I'm working to revive it!

So, onward and upward go the new Go Green Tuesday post on cosmetics. I am, admittedly, quite the makeup addict. Last year, I went through a big makeup purge, and emptied everything that I never wore, in favor of only natural and natural-looking cosmetics. This meant that I had to toss and replace nearly everything, and it also meant that my collection is more streamlined - never a bad thing when you want a 5-minute morning face.

Instead of doing a review, I figured I'd just tell you all my favorites for various things, and you can make up your mind if they'll work for you or not. All the products listed here are natural, and some are organic - many of them are affordable and a few can be found at your local drugstore!

This week, the focus is on foundation - setting the stage for whatever features you want to play up or whatever colors you want to play around with. Next week, I'll get into the eyes, and a the last post in this three-part series will be cheeks and lips.


I recently read somewhere that you should always do your foundation second, instead of first (which I tend to think is a more common practice?) after your eyeshadow and mascara. The logic with this is so that folks who use mineral eyeshadows don't end up with the little powder dust mixing in with their foundation. Personally, I've become pretty adept at keeping the two separate, but it's always something to consider.

My skin is combination - partially oily in the t-zone, prone to forehead breakouts, and remarkably dry in other areas. I've found through trial and error that a liquid foundation works best for me. I prefer a medium coverage, but I can usually get the same effect with a light coverage foundation and heavy coverage concealer where needed.

My current favorites?

I always start with a primer. I'm currently using up the last little bit of something from a non-natural company (a soybean-oil base with kind of a gelatin quality to it), but I have tried and found Youngblood Cosmetics' Mineral Primer to be comparable. Basically, a primer is an additional makeup step that makes your skin flawlessly smooth before the foundation goes on. It keeps makeup from penetrating your pores as well and evens out the surface of your face enough that most makeup is able to glide on instead of having to be pushed around or absorbed unevenly. I find it very, very handy for my combination skin, which often soaks up liquid concealers in some places and can actually cause more breakouts later.

Almay recently released a line of organic, natural makeup that is even packaged in recycled materials. While this entire line shouts 'big corporate gimmick', I was surprised to find that I really loved the Pure Blends' liquid foundation, which is hypoallergenic and boasts an SPF 20 coverage. It comes in a small variety of shades, but is fairly sheer, so if you've got an odd skin tone you've still got a good chance of matching. Unlike many liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers, it has never left my face feeling oily or greasy. I smooth it on with just my clean fingers, since using a makeup brush or cosmetic pad can actually introduce more oil and dirt to your face.

As far as concealer goes, I need something pretty strong. Not necessarily because of break-outs, but because my skin scars and I have very dark circles under my eyes (it's hereditary). I really swear by Youngblood Cosmetics' Ultimate Concealer, which has worked better than any concealer I have ever used from department stores, mail-order, makeup counters or even that stuff they recommend in magazines. It's not cake-y either, so you'll still keep your smooth finish, and it blends well - sometimes I wear mine without any other makeup.

I don't think anything beats the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil for finishing powder - I have tried Almay's Pure version, and something by Youngblood, but I'm not loving it. I sweep finishing powder on before I do eyeshadow or blush (since if your face is still moist, it will probably grab the blush or eyeshadow for a less-than-flawless finish).

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