Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Go-Green Tuesday - The Eyes Have It

Did you know that whatever you put on your eyelids seeps through the thin skin and ends up actually in your eyes? Think about how you feel when you get a speck of dirt, or a tiny eyelash, or even a little bitty fuzz in your eye - how irritated your eyes become. Now, think about all of the products, chemicals, and bad stuff you're loading your eyes with when you put on liquid eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow from the cheap-o cosmetics you're buying at your local drugstore. That's a lot of gunk!

That's why, even though a lot of folks probably won't think it's the biggest step, I feel like the eye makeup change is one of the most important you can make, when it comes to organic or natural make-up. And you don't have to sacrifice fun for function, either - many of these organic eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners come in a fantastic array of colors that can even be better (gasp) than your drugstore or department varieties.


I am super-picky about eyeliner. I like very specific colors, I like them to be subtle for day and I like to have a standard black for evening or dates, when you need that extra 'pop'. After searching high and low, I've found, surprisingly, that the best of all eyeliners is eyeshadow, wet down and applied with a flat or thin eyeliner brush. So for me, any of the stuff below in the eyeshadow section of this post is great - I tap a bit into the lid, add some water, and voila, I've got eyeliner. If you want a more opaque eyeliner, you can even blend some with your foundation primer.

I feel like the world is still lacking in an excellent organic pencil eyeliner, although Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals has just released one - Big & Bright Eyeliner comes in black, espresso, charcoal, chocolate, midnight and plum. If any of you have tried this, I'd love to hear your feedback. I'll be going to the mall again soon (we have a Bare Minerals store), so I should have an addendum to this post in a few weeks.


I have found two great brands of eyeshadow in loose powder. One is everyone's organic pioneer standby - Bare Escentuals' Bare Minerals Eye Colors. It has literally forty or more colors for your palette - everything from subtle champagne to electric teal. While I like the variety, I can often find something similar - and a bit cheaper, from my new favorite Etsy seller, Pure Natural Minerals. It comes in 36 shades and is only a fourth of the cost, with equally lovely results. Plus, you can get it in packs of two, four, or six, to your liking, and the containers are smaller, so you don't crowd out your makeup bag with shadow you use less often. If you were going to buy smart, really smart, you'd buy your staple colors in the Bare Minerals and your fun colors in the Pure Natural!

For those who prefer your shadow in neat and tidy cakes, there's options out there for you, too! Almay's Pure Blends line has several staple shades (browns, creams, tans, purple, that sort of thing).


Okay, time for a nerdy, weird fact! Everybody has little mites living on their eyelashes. If you didn't know this already, take a moment to get over the 'ew' factor here, and realize that these mites keep your eyelashes clean and healthy. So when you cover them with heavy-duty mascara, you're essentially suffocating them. Which causes less eyelash growth, can increase lash loss, all kinds of nasty stuff.

By using an organic mineral mascara, the mites have a better chance of surviving the coverage, and more of the mascara will come off when you wash your face in the evening. This means that the key to fuller, more beautiful lashes could be as simple as switching over! The problem is that mascara is a tricky, tricky business. We hate clumps. We hate lumpy stuff. We hate flimsy stuff and stuff that makes your eyelashes look gross and stiff or too spidery or rubs off on your eyes and gives you dark circles. Stuff that comes off in the pool or the lake isn't okay, either.

So far, I've heard of a few mascaras but I have only tried one, and I stuck to it because it just works so darned well. Bare Minerals (I know, you guys think I'm a spokesperson or something) has a great, lightweight, dark-colored (it comes in espresso, too) mascara that I love. They've got a few other varieties too, for those of you who are into the volume and the thickening. I prefer something simple and natural, so for me, it's been Flawless Definition Mascara all the way.

I know that there are a ton of other great natural cosmetics about, and I'm still searching them out and trying them. When I have more, I'll be sure to let you in on them - but for now, I wanted to stick to ones that are close to home or easy to find for everybody.

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  1. I really want to try these make-up products now. Unfortunately, at 22, I still have no idea what to do with most make-up!


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