Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gelati, Gelati!

It suddenly struck me the other day that while I have shown off projects on Ravelry and even on Twitter (I'm bellepoint there, and my tweets are protected, but I'll add you if you ask), I have sort of neglected showing knitting on - gasp - my knitting blog!

At the beginning of the year, I participated in a swap with the Snobby Spinners group on Ravelry. You were supposed to get to know your secret swap partner through a questionnaire and then knit something for them, package it up with some goodies, and send it off. I have decided, after doing this swap, that I'm going to sit out from swaps for awhile. What nearly always happens is I get all excited, wait awhile to knit the thing or spin it or even put the package together, and then spend all the time up to the deadline putting the perfect finishing touches on it. Then, I miss the deadline and the package sits at my house a week too long, and then I finally get it out after being pestered to death by mods.

This isn't fun for anybody. Not my swap partner, not me (because I didn't mean to make them wait, and then I feel guilty,) and definitely not the mods who have to pester me! So I'm taking a little break.

However, I'm pretty sure that the Snobby Spinners swap marks a crowning achievement in my handspinning and knitting. I really feel like I nailed this one, guys. The yarn I started with was Gelati, a Hello Yarn colorway I got at Yarn School last year, then spun as a dk-weight 2-ply yarn. It was very pink in the skein, which my partner said she loved, so I felt that it would be perfect. Then, I knit it up into a sort of on-the-fly picot edged cowl with an overlap flap (so she could tighten it around her neck when wearing) and two little plastic pink buttons.

It was simply perfect, and I had the hardest time giving it away - until Shelley actually got it and now she has pictures of her kids wearing it and it's in her Ravatar and apparently she wore it until winter ended a few weeks ago. It's always nice to give a knitted gift that truly brings sunshine.

After it left though, I found a bit of sunshine lacking in my own life. So I spun up another Hello Yarn colorway (Adrian picks the best colors, doesn't she?), Thrive in corriedale, and I fully intend to make another cowl. Except that it's not winter anymore. Is it okay to wear a cowl in summer?


  1. Wow, your handspun is gorgeous!!! Even though she had to wait, I'm sure that beautiful cowl was well worth it :)

  2. Totally OK to wear a cowl in the summer! I mean, if I had one that gorgeous, I'd wear it all year long :P


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