Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Many Frosty Days

I have to be one of the laziest people ever, some days. Especially when it comes to going out into the cold and doing things that I've been intending to do for days. In most instances, this works out for me pretty well, but a lot of things are sort of time-dependent. Things like freezing fog, or hoarfrost, that we were lucky enough to see on Sunday morning. I made a mental note to go out and take pictures of it then, but never got around to it. Then, it stayed and solidified over Monday, and I intended to go out again, but never got around to it. This morning, my dad came in and informed me that not only did we have the hoarfrost for a third day in a row, which is practically unheard of, but that I should go out and take pictures of it because we'd gotten a light touch of snow overnight and it was really pretty.

So, I finally got around to it, and boy, am I glad, because it was really pretty, and I felt really honored that it had stayed around so long, and a little ashamed that it took me so long to take pictures of it. So, all day there has been this lovely frosty glow outside of the windows, and you'll often see a couple of the cats clustered around a single window in the house, looking out for signs of anything. But, to tell the truth, there's nothing out there. The squirrels, even the winter birds, are all hiding in their nests and roosts and aren't coming out even to get a bit to eat (we have a feeder out and everything.)

I have been sort of snuggling into my little nest, as well, and working on several projects, including a new embroidery. One of my resolutions has been to learn new things, and one of the things I'm starting with is proper embroidery stitches and skills. I have messed a bit with embroidery in the past, but it wasn't anything official or studied, and although I like the idea of being a bit messy and unique, I would like to know how to get the effect if I want it. Much the same as painting, it's easier to bend the rules if you know what you're supposed to be doing to start with.

I should be able to reveal this embroidery - and several others - as kits to be sold in the etsy store starting with the (children's clothing/fashion) line's introduction mid-March or April. I'll talk more about that in upcoming posts.

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