Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handspun Spring Shoots

One of the downsides of living in Iowa (and one of the upsides, when it comes to knitting here, though I do hate to admit it) is that spring is never just around the corner. Someone on Ravelry posted recently that there are only 8 weeks of winter left, meaning that theoretically, it is supposed to end somewhere around the 'first day of spring', which occurs in March. This is like a horrible tease for Iowans, because we won't see breaths of spring until late April or even mid-May.

I am in for two winters this year, since I will be traveling to South America (Uruguay, in fact, to work with Malabrigo Yarns), for June and July. This means that I have already resigned myself to the sad fact that winter is never going to end, and have given up hope of otherwise.

Luckily, there is plenty of knitting to keep me occupied, and I've been busy with it. I've been spinning like crazy for various projects, I have several sweaters on the needles that hopefully will be done and blogged soon, and I have fallen madly, horribly in love with knitting from handspun. Especially handspun in bright, cheery colors. I recently cast on for a Lacy Baktus, which has long been a favorite knit for handspinners.

I think I'm already falling in love with it.


  1. i know how you feel over here in chicago..winte just hangs on and hangs on..and many times you can wear long sleeves into june

  2. What great colors! I love the Lacu Baktus pattern. I just bought yarn to knit one, in fact:) I assure you that winter in Uruguay is not going to be anything like winter in Iowa. Don't worry. The coldest it got in Buenos Aires was around 40f. Uruguay is even a tiny bit further north. Never the less, having experienced 3 winters in 2009 because of my trip, I do sympathize! You're going to have so much fun though!

  3. Wow working for Malabrigo, should be a great experience!

    I'm in the middle of summer and it's almost to hot to knit (I don't think it would ever get to hot for me to stop knitting:)), I suppose if you look on the bright side winter is conducive to knitting and that handspun would certainly warm me up:)

  4. oh my gosh! how cool! how did you swing that gig?? ;)


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