Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nostalgic November

Welcome, welcome, welcome November! Usually, I herald your arrival with some manner of grumbling, but as it is still in the fifties and smelling like fall, you are quite welcome to move forward. This month, of course, is always one of my favorites - my birthday, Thanksgiving (which means a break from school), and that hint of Christmas to come. I am already busily knitting away on projects that must not be named, and I have my wrappings, trimmings and decorations (what few of them there will be) planned and prepared.

This time of year always feels so productive to me. I get to stay indoors and work on something beautiful and warm and usually woolen, spin yarn to my heart's content, and snuggle up under a blanket to knit and watch a movie. Lately, Hulu has been my knitting entertainment of choice. With shows that are only about half an hour long, I can spend just a bit of time working, get up and do something everyone else considers productive, and then settle back down for another increment.

Today, I discovered these Wallace and Gromit Short Films. They are only about three or four minutes, so I watched them consecutively, but watching Wallace and Gromit only brings joy, a desire to knit, and a strong craving for cheese. I'm seriously considering trying to hunt down the original three films on DVD - they are so nostalgic for me (the woman who taught me how to knit showed me Wallace and Gromit) - and isn't this the time of year for nostalgia?

Of course, I don't have a lot to be nostalgic about, but what I do, I promise to share with you on the blog for the entire month of November! Recipes, projects, and traditions from my family to yours - what are you planning for your Nostalgic November?

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