Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And the Wheel Keeps Turning

I have been busy lately. Busy with school, busy with work, busy with knitting, busy with projects, busy with going here and there and everywhere. And although I have been so busy, I still have trouble finding the time for all the things I am busy with! School seems to take up such an overwhelming majority of that time that when I have a few moments, I am far more likely to pick up a spinning project than a knitting one. No rows to count, no cables to figure out before you can move forward. This is not a good thing - it means that I'm getting more spinning done than knitting lately. But it is kind of fun, besides. And I get really pretty yarn out of it!

At Yarn School this year, I took the Ashford Traditional and somehow turned it into a Kromski Mazurka! It's amazing, that yarn purchase magic. The Ashford was a great wheel - sweet, sentimental, steady, smooth. But I needed something a little speedier, a little quicker, so that I could spin the lighter weights without having to treadle like a gerbil on cocaine. So the Mazurka fulfills all my intermediate spinning needs. Plus, could it get any prettier?!

I have been very busy spinning on it, too, having amassed quite the collection of both Hello Yarn and other fiber products. I am sort of addicted to Adrian's work - after all, who isn't? But after getting to meet her, it's refreshing to find out that she is a totally real, down to earth person. With a penchant for cheese and pajamas! She and the other Yarn School instructors really gave me a lot to think about when I spin (twist ratios, anyone? WPI?) But I can tell that there's already been great improvement. My first Yarn School Spin was a merino from Hello Yarn - the colorway is exclusive to Harveyville and was called 'Poisonous'. My spinning and plying came out far more even than ever before (pictures are on the Flickr.) 

When I returned home, I was delighted to find that I could spin a pretty, lovely, even single on some Romney (a club colorway called Sweet Potato Vine - I told you, I'm addicted), which yielded around 414 yards of yarn! This is destined someday to become a something lovely, I'll have you know. But for now, I am totally enjoying the yarn's photoshoot. It seems that the better my spinning gets, the better my photography gets too. Lately I have been wanting to start a series of paintings based off of some of these photographs. I feel like the line and fuzziness of yarn would be fun to capture, as well as the softness and stroke of the fiber pre-spinning.