Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to Fashion School

I feel like we've finally started fashion school. Officially. Before, the classes were all about things like learning to sew on an industrial machine. Learning what terms like 'Trend Forecasting' and 'color story' mean. But now we're getting into things like draping, and illustration, and I couldn't be happier.

It's funny to imagine that just a little while ago I thought that I was living out my dream of being a painter. I did enjoy my time at Drake University - don't get me wrong - but in a lot of ways I was just never fully satisfied. Fully challenged. Fashion speaks not only to my artistic side but also to my crafty one. It speaks to my ambitious side, a part of me that works really hard to come out when I'm working really hard. Fashion design makes me strong willed. Determined.

I am double focused - both in creative design (the one that most people think of when they think of fashion design), and technical design. This means that I get to use all my artsy, crafty stuff, my drawings and dye ideas and musings about poetry or natural collection, written material and visual absorption. But my technical focus allows me to be detail oriented. Serious about structure and construction and perfection.

Yes, my personality and fashion seem to be the perfect marriage, for now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ingredients for Happiness

I have, after a whole month (or a little more than), finally returned to the blog. I promised I wouldn't forget about you! In the meantime, I have been very busy adjusting to the new apartment, which needed painting and cleaning and decorating and adjusting to a new semester's schedule.

So far, I really do love most of my classes. My stand-out favorites, by far, are Patternmaking I and Fashion Illustration, for entirely different reasons. Patternmaking really appeals to my technical, neat-and-tidy sensibilities. There are measurements, straight lines, and much cutting and folding, all of which seems to drive my contemporaries crazy but delights me to no end.

Fashion Illustration, on the other hand, really appeals to my creative side. I have wanted nothing more for the last year and a half to begin to show what I'm made of. There is something satisfying about putting an idea down on paper and having other people get to look at it, critique it, make suggestions, and even ask you to defend it. It is an activity, the critique, that I have missed dearly since leaving Painting for Fashion Design. Of course, some of my work all of you will get to see very soon - I will be entering the AOBA Fashion Design competition (designing with alpaca yarns and woven fabrics) and the entries are both posted on their website, and will be posted on mine.

Of course, that is not all that is going on! I attended my first ever Stitches Midwest convention this year, and absolutely loved it. I had an opportunity to finally meet the Malabrigo Yarn folks who have given me my internship next summer, Antonio and Tobias. They are wonderful, funny people and I cannot wait to work for them! While at Stitches, I picked up a few things here and there, but nothing that I'm ready to show you - yet.

Well, nothing except for my new SPINNING WHEEL! She is a gorgeous Ashford Traditional that I was able to buy secondhand. The woman who sold her had loved her dearly, and I have already fallen in love myself. The first few days were pure frustration, but, finally, today my efforts made actual yarn. And just a few hours later, I was ready to begin my first real spin: Hello Yarn Falklands "Five Plum Pie".

Absolute heaven.