Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Preperation

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm working on starting a store on Etsy - all of that will be revealed shortly - however, my room and workspace needed some serious updating and organization before I could even get started.

I had a pincushion, one of the little red tomato ones with a strawberry (who originally decided that generic pincushions would be tomatoes? And why is the needle-sharpener a strawberry? I'm not complaining, mind you.) The thing is, they just aren't big enough to hold all the pins I've been using, nor are they big enough to hold the new heart and leaf corsage pins I picked up for 50¢ apiece at the local Ben Franklin's going out of business sale.

So I wandered aimlessly through the binder of to-be-done sewing patterns I have at my house, and rediscovered Anna Maria Horner's Wildflower Pincushion Pattern, which is pretty darn huge. Like, three inches across at the top and up to five or six near the middle. Yeah. It'll hold whatever I need. Now, to find a spare strawberry....

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