Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spin Me Right Round

As part of my destashing efforts for 2009, I'm also attempting to spin up (and get good at spinning up) the fiber that I have. I want to buy another spindle and I'd like to try more fiber, but I'm restricting any yarn or knitting related purchases until most everything I have is gone. And I do mean GONE. I'm assigning projects to absolutely everything, and I want to knit it up into beautiful, wonderful things that I'll either keep or give away to people I adore.

So anyway - the spinning. Awhile back, you may remember that my friend Molly gave me some Louet fiber. Well, I spun about half of it up, and I spun, and I spun, and I spun, and then I plied, and set the stuff aside to soak later, since I was living in an itty bitty dorm room and had nowhere to soak yarn, much less to whack it and hang it about. Well, in the sorority house, I figured I had even *less* space to whack and hang, but at least there was a shower where the chances of people thinking I was nuts were slightly less, so I thought I'd give it a go. The yarn is going to sleep underwater over night and in the morning I'll hang it in a safe spot near the radiator, with the fan focused on it. When it's finished, it'll travel to my malabrigo swap partner.

What I've discovered about spinning is that you need more than a few tools. I spin on a drop spindle - a Butterfly Girl Designs piece - and while it's lovely, it's not really heavy enough to make much more than a laceweight or sportweight single that can then be plied, awkwardly, on the same spindle. I need something heavier, and so I'm going to save up money from giving knitting lessons and selling custom knit projects and buy a heavier spindle and eventually a niddy noddy. There's a shop down the street from me that sells both, luckily.

Of course, this lovely fiber doesn't have to wait for that, merely wait for my sweater to be finished. It's a Chocolate Liqueur Batt by Loop on She works up the loveliest, most beautiful fiber colorways - you can see quite a few of them in my Etsy favorites. Right now I'm craving her little 'babycakes' mini-batts. Chocolate Liqueur is 100% bamboo, which is why I haven't started it already. Bamboo is supposed to be a little tricky to spin, and I don't feel like I've got the hang of all the techniques (navajo plying, spinning even singles, etc.) that I want to incorporate into the spinning of this particular yarn. When I'm ready, though - well, it will be magic.

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  1. I don't know if you're looking for a particular niddy-noddy, but you can make one for cheap from PVC piping if you just want one that works. I have a link on my blog post:


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