Monday, January 19, 2009

About Time

It's been a little while since I posted, I realized today, while knitting on my newest project - a Vaila sweater a la Twist Collective, 2008. I'm horribly in love with this sweater - not just for the obvious reasons (a, it's gorgeous, and b, it's made from Malabrigo worsted), but because the pattern presented through Twist is every bit what you'd desire for a sweater pattern. Clear, well-written, and laid out with every little detail you could possibly want. It even included instructions for the Norwegian cast-on, which I think is probably one of my favorite long-tail variations now. I was taught in a knitted cast on - how a lot of people learn - and have only just started to accept the other cast-ons as equally easy and versatile in my knitting arsenal.

The color I'm using for Vaila is Rich Chocolate. It almost makes up for the fact that, however simple the pattern is, I really stink at knitting lace. It takes me a million years and I have to rip it out all the time and I've already had to go back and knit the whole thing (ribbing and all) at least twice. But I am positively determined to finish this sweater! I will do it!

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Olive

Something I have finished lately? The Hurricane Hat, by Andrea Goutier. She's an amazing knitter, and apparently an amazing pattern writer, too. This has got to be one of the most attractive FO's that I've got. And it even fit it's intended's rather large head (sorry, Jeff!) He wore it all week and I almost felt bad to see it go into quick retirement upon his return to Los Angeles. Almost bad because while I was suffering through -20 degree temps, Jeff gets to celebrate his happiness in the 85 degree heat wave Los Angeles is reveling in right now. My dad is modeling it in the picture. It looked so good on him, too, I'll probably make another. When my sweaters are finished, anyway. 


  1. I love your hurricane hat. It looks great!

  2. The hat is excellent! My husband is spending a lot of this winter in the chill of the American mid-west. This looks like just the thing to keep him cosy!


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