Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I hate riding the bus, and not really for any good reason. Generally, the Cyride (Iowa State University and the city of Ame's joint transportation system, for those of you not in the loop) is clean, timely, and travels pretty much anywhere you want to go. The buses are warm and they don't smell funny and the drivers are, if not pleasant, quiet and not mean. It's not the ride I hate, or the bus, but waiting on the bus that I don't enjoy. It's freezing outside! Horribly, horribly cold, and all that the Iowa wind makes me want to do is curl up into a little ball on the sidewalk and shiver my insides out. Or possibly just go inside and knit all day instead of attending classes.

Neither of which are viable options.

The actual bus ride, for me, is more fascinating than anything else. Every passenger on the bus goes out of their way to avoid eye contact with the other riders, staring either at something in their own hands (cell phones are a popular choice), or off into empty space, giving many of the bus' patrons a blank, robotic appearance. I'm usually absorbed in some music or other on my iPod, and I'm always amazed to note how people's movements tend to mirror the feeling of the music for me. I sometimes wonder if this is pure coincidence or if my mind naturally prefers music with life-like fluidity. This theory is still up for grabs.

When I don't have music, though, my mind wanders into the realm of the creative, and I spend the bus ride thinking up some design or other. It's always a treat to come home and find the yarn I'd bought a week ago sitting in the house's mailroom, where I can gather it up and open the packages as I retreat to someplace warmer, and generally friendlier.

Today, I found the remaining two skeins of Malabrigo Dos I need to begin design on a pair of colorwork mittens. Here's a sneak peek of the colors, at least. Sketches to come later.


  1. I can tell those mittens are going to be gorgeous just from the yarn and color combo! Can't wait to see how these come along :)

  2. hmm good thing i drive the bus! yeah people are definitely awkward on the bus though.. i try to make eye contact with everyone getting on and say hi. i think 1 out of every 5 actually look back. blah. when are you gonna make my Sherpa-headband? i need it. its quite cold out their!

  3. cannot wait to see the mittens :-)


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