Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Inside Out Toque

I finished this project awhile ago, but didn't get around to taking pictures of it until today. It's originally the Big Blue Beret pattern by Kelly Maher (find it here), but instead of knitting and using the 'proper' side, I decided to turn it inside out and not include the pom. Knitted in Malabrigo worsted, of course - the colorway is Polar Morn, a gray with pink undertones.

Today I made a trip to Target and had to make that perpetual choice between new sunglasses (don't say their un-needed, even though it's winter. I have a serious addiction,) or new music. I was brave and chose the new music - Jenny Lewis' CD 'Acid Tongue', which I mentioned in my last post, the new Death Cab for Cutie CD 'Narrow Stairs', and Beck's new release, 'Modern Guilt'. I'll review them and get back to you, but I will say that the packaging for Acid Tongue was adorable - a little sleeve like a mini record, complete with fake 'polaroids' of studio shots. Very cute.

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  1. that hat looks cute on you! good idea to wear it inside out! enjoy your new CD.


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