Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jellybeans, Redux

I've finally finished them, the Jellybean Socks I posted about a bit back. If I didn't enjoy cables and little nuances, I'm pretty sure I would just knit socks like these all the time - they're lovely and simple and quick. And I do enjoy having a knitted sock, despite the fact that some of them you have to hand wash. My mother was sweet enough to model them for me, in our very frigid dining room. Today it's only five degrees (F) outside, and probably only close to 50 or 55 inside, which, to me, is quite chilly. I've been walking around the house with a cardigan and three layers on, not to mention the knee socks and house slippers.

The photoshoot would have gone a lot easier had not these two rascals been shoving their way into every picture. Cats, naturally fascinated by everything they're not directly involved in, are excellent at blocking good camera angles. At least they're sweet. The big orange tabby on the bottom is Rus, though she also goes by 'Russie', 'Roodles', 'Rusylin', and 'Chubs'. She was Dempsey's companion, when we brought him home, and was getting quite lonely (and fat) without anyone to play with. This holiday we stopped by and picked up Leopold, who goes simply by 'Leo', and is pictured near the top. We aren't exactly sure what kind of cat he is, being that we picked him up at the shelter, but I like to fancy that he's a British Shorthair with a buff colored coat. Handsome little fellow, and the most loving cat you'll ever meet. He loves being carried around, and looks like he'll be a real bruiser when he gets bigger - Russie is a year old, while Leo is only six months, to give you a clue.

I've been busying myself this holiday wrapping up my knitting for the new year. One of my big resolutions is to finish all my Ravelry 'works in progress' before moving onto anything new. While I've been doing well - I mean, look, half the mitten finishing is done - some things are awfully tempting, and I'm having a hard time not starting on the Gwenydd scarf I've been wanting to make, or one of the many sweaters on my list. Is it horrid that I've been tempted to buy enough yarn for yet another sweater that's yet to be started?

When not knitting, I cruise around our small town, often stopping in the antique store to have a look at their books, postcards, and miscellanous nonsense. Yesterday, I stopped in and checked out the 1/2 price table, to find a pile of knitted children's clothing. While a lot of it was garter stitch and cleverly designed, none of the yarn was worth salvaging (mostly acrylic, probably Red Heart) - until I came to a little knitted hat. It was a baby-sized toboggan hat, all garter stitch with little ear flaps, and made out of cream-colored acrylic. But, on the very tip-top of this cap, was a lovely, wonderful, real-rabbit-fur pom! At only 75 cents, I knew at once that it was coming home. I had the girl at the counter clip off the hat and I took home the pom, already dreaming of possible colors that it would look lovely atop. I'll have to knit a hat truly worthy of this treasure, that much is for certain!

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  1. I agree with you about enjoying the more fiddly aspects of knitting the most, but ironically I find that the knits I wear most often tend to be the most simple (boring) ones to make.

    These socks are fabulous - just looking at the jelly colours makes me smile!

    Happy New Year!


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